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Published On: Sat, Jun 18th, 2011

Boko Haram may Bomb RCCG Camp – Pastor Ladi

WITH its large concentration of faithful on the first Friday of every month, the kilometre 49 Camp Ground of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Ogun State is an obvious target of the Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram.

This is not just a possibility but one of the deadly plans of the fundamentalist group, according to a Christian cleric, Pastor Ladi Thompson.

Pastor Thompson can hardly be regarded as an attention-seeking noise maker. He is the founder of the Living Water Church, Anthony, Lagos, and has carried out extensive researches on Islamic militants in the country, the results of which are with the federal authorities. He has, in the last 10 years raised the alarm about planned attacks in the country, particularly in Jos, Plateau State; and Kaduna, in Kaduna State, among other flash points.

Yesterday in a telephone conversation with the Nigerian Compass on Saturday, the cleric warned that the next phase of attacks by the fundamentalists would be churches, markets and schools in the South West.

He particularly advised the leadership of the RCCG to beef up security as the fundamentalists are angry that in the build-up to the last election, President Goodluck Jonathan who visited the camp knelt down for prayer before the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

Pastor Ladi advised authorities of the church not to allow worshipers come into its worship hall with more than their Bibles.

He also cautioned the church against allowing people to enter the camp with paper bags or other suspicious containers.

But as anxiety is mounting over the activities of the Boko Haram group, some Muslims are defusing the fear as misplaced. They see the group as only a new breed of young Muslim activists who have aggressively embraced a stricter version of Islam, rejecting anything Western and Christian. Boko Haram began life as a peaceful group focused on the study of the Koran, according to Abdulmumin Sa’ad, a Muslim scholar and professor of Sociology at the University of Maiduguri. “The idea was that there is a lot of sin in the larger society and their parents had amassed a lot of ill-gotten wealth,” says Sa’ad, who taught some of the militants. “There is widespread immorality, and so the best thing to do is to remove themselves and camp elsewhere, where they can concentrate on their religion, mediate, reach out and begin to form a fellowship.” Sa’ad claims that the group turned violent when authorities harassed it.

When the group launched its attacks in July 2009, Pastor Ladi had alarted the government that what happened then was just a tip of the iceberg and revealed that the Islamic fundamentalists had been at plan since early 1990s, fully backed by some northern former military leaders, Emirs, intellectuals and Imams.

He had also foretold that the security agencies would be compromised, starting with the Police and finally to the Army, for the group to its their objective.

Some people are however quick to ask where the misplacement then lies in the anxiety being harboured by the public about the group and their intention as described above by Sa’ad, moreso given the declaration below by Mallam Sanni Umaru, Acting Leader of Boko Haram, on August 09, 2009.

Umaru’s declaration: For the first time since the killing of Mallam Mohammed Yusuf, our leader, we hereby make the following statements-

*First of all that Boko Haram does not in any way mean ‘Western Education is A sin’ as the infidel media continue to portray us. Boko Haram actually means ‘Western Civilisation’ is forbidden. The difference is that while the first gives the impression that we are opposed to formal education coming from the West, that is Europe, which is not true, the second affirms our believe in the supremacy of Islamic culture (not Education), for culture is broader, it includes education but not determined by Western Education. In this case we are talking of Western Ways of life which include: constitutional provision as if relates to, for instance the rights and privileges of Women, the idea of homosexualism, lesbianism, sanctions in cases of terrible crimes like drug trafficking, rape of infants, multi-party democracy in an overwhelmingly Islamic country like Nigeria, blue films, prostitution, drinking beer and alcohol and many others that are opposed to Islamic civilisation.

*That the Boko Haram is an Islamic Revolution which impact is not limited to Northern Nigeria, in fact, we are spread across all the 36 states in Nigeria, and Boko Haram is just a version of the Al Qaeda which we align with and respect. We support Osama bin Laden, we shall carry out his command in Nigeria until the country is totally Islamised which is according to the wish of Allah.

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